The romanian electro-industrial festival is getting 4 years old and kicks ass like never before!

Born in deepest underground and crawling slow but undefeated, unique in east-europe, provocative in his own fascinating culture and another kind of music, dark yet happy, weird but heartfull (charity donations from every issue’s profit), mindblowingly visualising edges of music hard to comprehense and having the same motto – the festival made a point every year and proved his necesity among the national industrial scene.

This time we go international by having four honour guests from abroad and we are very proud of this, for they all announced special performances, along with the others romanian headliners.

Locations changed this year but in the meaning of improvements. We shall open doors on 30 sept in club SUBURBIA for a propper dj’s warm-up and we gonna blow-up the stage on 1-2 oct in the SILVER CHURCH, both famous underground locations.

All in one, we have over 20 live acts and dj’s, photo exibition, graphic arts, tattooes, paints, and we celebrate 6 years of AKM – the oldest active indie music newsletter – three days of music, multimedia and pure madness !

For everyday update and full infos pls check http://www.cybermental.wordpress.com

akm newsletter: akm.another@gmail.com


SPHERES :: a world behind curtains   logosfere

THE SPHERES  is a joint project for promoting subcultural urban arts. Set up in 2007, The Spheres follow three directions, caring for an art gallery, a monthly magazine and a design and video art section. The Spheres team is dedicated to urban subcultural promotiong and has in its midsts photographers, designers, writers and vjs.

Virtual art gallery
the spheres virtual art gallery is dedicated mainly to photography and photography related digital arts. At request, a guest room can be opened for one-month shows. braindeath should not be an option, come in.

Connecting eyes and ears
The spheres :: a world behind curtains can provide static and dynamic art for audio performers: splash screens, cd covers and booklets, clips, flyers, event posters and whatnot. For the media packages, we extract the visual from the audio, but one can also request specific concepts for the said art.

Participation to Cybermental 4
This project takes place under the guidance of thora noir and intalls a team (thora noir, vj Anne, m.david) to provide visual sets and a photography exposition for Cybermental 4.

Details, contact information and the monthly magazine n-Sphere can be obtained by accessing the gallery website: sfere.ro


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